The human being is immobile before the small adversities and when already he does not last more he exploits but always he returns to his immobile condition.

Filmmakers: Joan Planas and Ana Lórenz Fonfría
Actors:Mentxu Romero / Abel Zamora

Short Film making in 3 days by the Diba.

[flv: 550 309] ipod flv

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  1. Tom Falkenberry dice:

    Me gusta. Bueno. no habla espanol, pero, I loved it, especially when somebody tripped over the pan. It was sooo good! I can’t wait to share it. I particularly love foreign films, they just offer so much more than what is commonly available here in the US. I guess, if I lived in a big town like NYC rather than the boonies of NW Georgia, USA I would have access to more. Thanks to the internet, I got to enjoy your wonderful video. Muchas gracias.

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